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The Body Book


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Author: Patricia J. Wynne , Donald M. Silver  |  Age: 8-12  |  English  |  Page: 128  |  Paperback  | 21.6 x 27.2 cm  | Teacher Resources

Easy-to-make manipulatives help students understand the inner workings of the human body. Reproducible patterns and easy step-by-step instructions help students construct bone and stomach books, a spinal column out of cardboard and string, paper models of the major organs and systems of the human body, and more! Includes background information, facts about drugs, nicotine, and alcohol, plus an updated resource list and web links!

How to use this product: The first part of this book focuses on models of the sense organs. The second part, beginning with the skeleton, contains models of organ systems. By following the order in the Table of Contents, the organ systems can be fitted one on top of the other, allowing students to build a model of the entire human body! Or, to best fit your curriculum, construct the system models independently, in any order you choose!

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