Monsters Beware! (The Chronicles of Claudette)

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Author: Jorge Aguirre  |  Illustrator: Rafael Rosado  |  Age: 7-10 Years  |  English  |  Page: 208 |  Paperback  19.1 x 1.08 x 25.6 cm

Claudette is back AGAIN, and she’s ready to kick major monster butt!

She’s fought giants, clobbered dragons, and now Claudette faces her biggest challenge yet… herself! Well, that and a gang of vile monsters. It all begins when Claudette’s town hosts the annual Warrior Games. After some sneaky maneuvering, Claudette manages to gets herself, Marie, and Gaston chosen as her town's representatives. But none of Claudette’s past battles has prepared her for this. And to make matters worse, they must stop the vicious Sea Queen and her evil children from using the Warrior Games to free the dark Wizard Grombach and conquer the world!

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