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DC Superheroes Collection (12 Books)


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By: Various  |  Age: 7-11  |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Paperback  |  19cm x 12.9cm

This 12-book collection provides a super introduction to chapter books with the help of DC Comics' famous heroes including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Illustrated in a style that is instantly appealing to children aged 7 and over, the stories are easy to read, very exciting and find our heroes battling against some vile villains.

Superman has to deal with a shrinking city; Captain Cold fights it out in a blizzard battle; and Batman finds himself facing up against the Puppet Master. .

Titles in this collection (12)
  1. Superman: The Shrinking City
  2. Captain Cold and the Buzzard Battle
  3. Wonder Woman: Sword of the Dragon
  4. The Flash: Ice and Flame
  5. Green Lantern: Guardian of Earth
  6. Superman: Toys of Terror
  7. Superman: Super-Villain Showdown
  8. Superman: Last Son of Krypton
  9. Batman: The Puppet Master's Revenge
  10. Batman: Catwoman Classroom of Claws
  11. Batman: The Fog of Fear
  12. Batman: The Man Behind the Mask

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