Froggy Goes to Bed (Paperback)

Emotion & Behaviour

格式 Format: 平裝書 Paperback
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English Age 3 - 5
Barcode: 9780140566574 PRHUS

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By: Jonathan London | Illustrator: Frank Remkiewicz | Age: 3-5 Years | English | Page: 32 | Paperback | 18.03 x 22.4 x 0.25 cm

It's time for bed! Not if Froggy has his way! Even after a long day of playing, Froggy's still not tired. His bath is ready, but first Froggy has to find his boat. And where are his pajamas? And how did his toothbrush get into the cookie jar? Oh, Frrooggyy! Now it's time to go to sleep, right? But Froggy can't sleep without a bedtime story! Join Froggy as he hops, flops, and zips from one familiar bedtime ritual to another.
Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

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