Help Your Kids with Growing Up (Age 10-16)

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English Age 10 - 12
平裝書 Paperback 256 pages 20.1 x 23.7 cm
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Barcode: 9780241287255 DK UK

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Author: Robert Winston | Age: 10-16 | English | Page: 256 | Paperback | 20.1 x 23.7 cm

Deal with the ups and downs of growing up. This visual guide to puberty and adolescence is a must-read for all parents and tweens embarking on those scary teenage years.

This growing up book covers contemporary issues such as internet safety and tackles key topics such as sexuality and body image. Demystify puberty with this must-read home reference book by Prof. Robert Winston.

From your menstrual cycle to sexting, and even cyber-bullying. This straightforward, unpatronizing approach to tricky topics is the essential illustrated guide to adolescence for both parents and their teens. The stunning graphics and illustrations make this invaluable for tweens and teens alike.

Help Your Kids With Growing Up is a guide for modern kids coming into their teen years. It addresses topical issues like body image, the effects of social media and sexting. It also offers a biological explanation for the physical side of being a teenager from mood swings, periods and breaking voices. This book offers a no-nonsense, non-judgemental approach to help parents and their kids navigate their way through puberty and adolescence.

Sexuality, Confidence, Social Media, Emotions, Stress!

Puberty and adolescence can be a confusing and complex time. Help Your Kids With Growing Up offers straightforward advice to help parents and children survive and thrive during the turbulent teenage years. Emotional well-being, physical changes, online safety, family dynamics, relationships, sexuality, and much more are discussed and explained through jargon-free text and simple, clear illustrations.

Engaging graphics and illustrations make this modern, comprehensive guide to adolescence invaluable for tweens and teens alike. Whether as a quick-reference guide or cover-to-cover read.

This self-understanding and self-development book will discuss and explain the following topics:
- Growing Up
- Female Puberty
- Male Puberty
- Healthy Body
- Healthy Mind
- Achieving Potential
- Digital Life
- Sexuality
- Relationships
- And more

DK's bestselling Help Your Kids With series contains crystal-clear visual breakdowns of important subjects. Simple graphics and jargon-free text are key to making this series a user-friendly resource for frustrated parents who want to help with children get the most out of life. Get help with anything from geography and music to maths, SATs and growing up.


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