LEGO Ninjago #08 Attack of the Nindroids

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By: Kate Howard   |  Age: 4-8  |  English  |  Page: 32  |  Paperback  |  15 x 23.5 cm  |  Lego Ninjago Series

LEGO Ninjago continues to be a blockbuster! Ninja Hack Attack! Since the Overlord was defeated and Lord Garmadon's gone good, Cole, Jay, Kai, and Zane have retired from Spinjitzu. Now the four ninja teach at Sensei Wu's Youth Academy, where their students play pranks on them all day. But everything changes when the ninja go on a field trip to New Ninjago City. There they meet supergenius Cyrus Borg, who warns them that a new evil is on the rise. Do the Masters of Spinjitzu have the chops to fight the enemy of the future? Or are they about to become the victims of an unwanted upgrade?

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