People and Places - A Visual Encyclopedia (Paperback)

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Author: DK  |  Age: 8-12  |  English  |  Page: 304  |  Paperback  |  21.74 x 1.96 x 27.61 cm |  Encyclopedia Series

Meet the people of the world and find out about some of the fascinating cultures that make up our global community.

From Spaniards to Samoans, and the Miao to the Miskitu, this fully updated edition of DK's popular Encyclopedia of People will take you on a worldwide tour of continents, peninsulas, and islands to discover what life is like for the billions of people on our planet.

Discover how the Yakut people survive in the Arctic temperatures of Siberia, or why tattoos are so important in Maori culture. Learn about the Mbendeje people's hunting sign language that lets them silently creep up on unsuspecting prey. People and Places: A Visual Encyclopedia allows you to explore different cultures through illuminating photography and bitesize chunks of information.

The perfect companion to geography and culture projects for school-aged children, this book is a treasure trove of facts and information about the people that make up our world.

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