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Project X Alien Adventures: Series 1 Collection (31 Books)

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By: Oxford Reading Tree  |  Age: 6-10  |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Paperback  |  21.8 x 33 cm

Packed with fantastic artwork and ideal for preparing Year 2 schoolchildren aged 6 and above as they look to tackle their very first chapter books, our Project X Alien Adventures Collection is full of fun stories, activities and facts that will help young readers build their confidence in reading at Oxford Reading Level 7 and then progress right through to Level 11.

Badlaw and his army of robotic Krools are taking over Planet Exis. Now Exis's only chance for freedom is for Nok and micro-friends Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger to save the day, free Exis from Badlaw and save Nok's parents, too!

Gripping and sure to have even the most reluctant reader wanting to turn the pages and read on, this huge collection of 31 books is specially written by the creators of the Oxford Reading Tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) to encourage children to enjoy reading independently.

This 31-book collection covers Oxford Reading Tree Levels 7 to 11 (book bands Turquoise, Purple, Gold, White and Lime). It is suitable for children in Year 2/P3.

Please note the books in this collection vary in size. The dimensions stated are for the wallet that the books are presented in.

Titles in this collection (31)
  1. Ant's Pact - Elen Caldecott
  2. The Sands of Akwa - Elen Caldecott
  3. Holo-board Havoc - Elen Caldecott
  4. The Trap - Mike Brownlow
  5. The Secret Whirlpool - Elen Caldecott
  6. Race to the Pyramid - Karen Ball
  7. The Screams of the Raptiss - Elen Caldecott
  8. One Step Ahead - Karen Ball
  9. Chamber of Treasures - Karen Ball
  10. Space Hunt - James Noble
  11. The Deadly Cave - James Noble
  12. Grumptus Attack - James Noble
  13. Return to Exis - Tony Bradman
  14. The Mines of Moxor - James Noble
  15. The Contest - James Noble
  16. Planet Exis - Tony Bradman
  17. Attack of the Buzzles - Tony Bradman
  18. Battle with the Beast - Tony Bradman
  19. The Empty Palace - Tony Bradman
  20. Nurp Stampede - Mike Brownlow
  21. Alien Adventures - Fact File
  22. The Crystal Planet - Karen Ball
  23. Tiger x 4 - Elen Caldecott
  24. The Ruby Cage - Karen Ball
  25. The Hunt for Nok - Karen Ball
  26. Attack of the Giant Meeb - Steve Cole
  27. Fear Forest - Steve Cole
  28. Swamp Crash - Steve Cole
  29. Spaceship Graveyard - Steve Cole
  30. Save the World! - Steve Cole
  31. The Cave of Life - Steve Cole