Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford Collection (10 Books)

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Author: Ruth Rendell |  Age: 13+  |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Paperback  |  23 cm x 17.7cm

Ruth Rendell was one of the most beloved crime authors of her generation and this 10-book collection contains some of her finest work.

Focusing on Chief Inspector Wexford and his various cases, these books are riveting from the very first page. Wexford will have to solve the case of a father finding the murdered body of his own daughter; take on the near-impossible task of identifying an unidentified body that has been buried for ten years or so and decide if it's related to a new body found in similar circumstances; and investigate the disappearance of two teenage sisters during the worst rain in living memory...

Intelligent writing full of heart, these are books that any lover of crime fiction should be reading and they showcase the talent of one of the UK's best ever thriller writers.
Titles in this collection (10)
  1. The Babes in the Wood
  2. Simisola
  3. End in Tears
  4. The Monster in the Box
  5. Not in the Flesh
  6. Put on by Cunning
  7. The Vault
  8. Road Rage
  9. Harm Done
  10. An Unkindness of Ravens

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