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Treetops Fiction Collection Lv 9 - 11 (15 Books)

Oxford University Press

  • $239.00

By: Oxford Reading Tree  |  Age: 7+  |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Paperback  | 19.8cm x 13.0 cm

These carefully levelled stories (Oxford levels 9-11; suitable for those studying at Brown band level) range from spooky tales to science-fiction adventures. They have been specially written to help children find the right books for their tastes while also developing their reading skills.

From The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om to Flan Across the River, each entertaining book also has inside-cover notes to help support children in their reading.

There are five books each covering three different difficulty levels and all of the stories are appealingly illustrated.

Titles in this collection (15)
  1. Captain Comet and the Purple Planet - Jonathan Emmett
  2. Robo-Vac - Susan Gates
  3. The Big Little Dinosaur - Martin Waddell
  4. Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger - Robin Mellor
  5. Flans Across the River - Nick Warburton
  6. Jungle Shorts - Irene Rawnsley
  7. The Spooks - Michaela Morgan
  8. Captain Comet and the Dog Star - Jonathan Emmett
  9. Coming Clean - Nick Warburton
  10. The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om - John Coldwell
  11. The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save the Day - John Coldwell
  12. Amy the Hedgehog Girl - John Coldwell
  13. Bertie Wiggins' Amazing Ears - David Cox & Erica James
  14. Hard to Please - Nick Warburton
  15. Dexter's Dinosaurs - Michaela Morgan

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