Winnie And Wilbur Collection (12 Books)

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Author: Laura Owen |  Age: 3-7 |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Paperback  | 20 x 13 cm

In these perfect paperbacks for those who have grown up with the Winnie the Witch picture books and are now looking to move onto longer stories, the witch gets into all kinds of hilarious situations as she tries to cast her spells. From trouble in ancient Egypt to Medieval magic and a daredevil rescue - Winnie does it all!

With 12 books to choose from, let Winnie become the perfect partner for your child's bedtime reading - this is a simply magical collection from Laura Owen with every book featuring Korky Paul's iconic illustrations!

Titles in this collection (12)
  1. Winnie says Cheese
  2. Mini Winnie
  3. Giddy-up Winnie
  4. Winnie Goes Batty
  5. Winnie on Patrol
  6. Winnie Shapes Up
  7. Winnie Goes for Gold
  8. Nitty Winnie
  9. Winnie Spells Trouble
  10. Winnie Adds Magic
  11. Winnie the Bold
  12. Winnie's Alien Sleepover

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