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English Age 3 - 7
平裝書 Paperback & CD 26.5 x 23.5 cm
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Publication date: 01 Sep,2018
Barcode: 9781783445578 Walker UK

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Author/ Illustrator: Tony Ross | Age: 3-7 | English | Girl Series

Weird Little Princess Growing Up Book + CD When it comes to princesses, what do you think of are elegant, generous, clean, bright, obedient, polite, smiling...? But this is not the case with the little princess with a big crown and shaggy hair written by Tony Ross! Like other children, she is impatient, playful, loses her temper, plays dirty, keeps her pacifier from her body, becomes more energetic the later in the day, never sleeps, touches things with both hands, always forgets to wash her hands, hears See the doctor and start yelling no! This set of 10 stories of little princesses sold together, from daily routines such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and taking pacifiers, to psychologically wanting friends and looking for a mother... is undoubtedly a true portrayal of children's growth, big and small, parents, kindergartens The teacher thought it was very appropriate, and the child felt "find resonance"! Author Tony Ross has won the Dutch Silver Pencil Award and was nominated for the Kate Greenway Award.

📚BuyBookBook 推薦理由

現年84 歲的 Tony Ross 是英國非常著名的插畫師, 由他親自插畫的作品超過1000本,包括許多著名作家的童書書,例如 Roald Dahl,David Walliams等。他亦曾任廣告公司的 Art Director,以及大學藝術科的高級講師,藝術科主任等。

在他親自創作並插畫的 Little Princess 系列中,他深厚的創意功底可見一斑!如今已被製作成卡通片,搬上了電視熒幕📺。

每次讀完都有一種 “delightful” 的感覺!


😫 “I want my mum!” 小公主們是否很有共鳴?
🥹 “I want my little princess!” 媽媽們是否很有共鳴?

實際上都讓小讀者明白了🔆某種正確的行為和🔆觀念。 例如,
⭕️甚麼時候該說 “Please”, “Thank you”;

小公主的 10 個淘氣又搞笑的小故事,和家中小朋友們的行為如出一轍。

‘📝A must for every parent and child.’
— Guardian


💿還附贈一張Audio CD

  1. I Want a Friend!
  2. I Want My Mum!
  3. I Want My Dinner!
  4. I Want My Potty!
  5. I Want My Dummy!
  6. I Want To Be!
  7. I Want My Tooth!
  8. I Don’t Want to Go to Bed!
  9. I Don’t Want to Go to Hospital!
  10. I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands!