Minecraft Official Novel: Mob Squad #02 Never Say Nether (Hardback)

格式 Format: 精裝書 Hardback
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English Age 10 - 12
精裝書 Hardback 288 pages 14.63 x 2.44 x 21.67 cm
Approx. weight: 0.4 kg
Barcode: 9780593355794 PRHUS

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By: Delilah S. Dawson | Age: 10-13 | English | Page: 288 | Hardback | 14.63 x 2.44 x 21.67 cm | Minecraft titles

The Mob Squad enters a whole new dimension of danger in this official Minecraft novel!

Things are changing in the town of Cornucopia. The mighty wall that kept the townsfolk sealed off from the outside world is wide open, and the world beyond beckons with the promise of new adventures. The Mob Squad were heroes not so long ago, but the adults are still in charge, and to them, even the most heroic kid is still just a kid.

The Mob Squad’s leader, Mal, is still milking cows and dreaming of the next adventure. Their sharp-eyed archer Lenna is learning everything she can about the Overworld, but the horizon is still far away. Fearless warrior Chug is running a store with his brother, but his reputation for breaking stuff has some folks still calling him a bad apple. And his inventive brother, Tok . . .