I Talk Like a River (Paperback)

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English Age 3 - 4
平裝書 Paperback 40 pages 23.0 x 0.2 x 21.0 cm
Approx. weight: 0.2 kg
Barcode: 9781529502817 Walker UK

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Author: Jordan Scott | Illustrator: Sydney Smith | Age: 3+ | English | Page: 40 | Paperback | 23 x 0.3 x 25 cm

What if words got stuck in the back of your mouth whenever you tried to speak?

After a day of being unable to speak when asked, and of being stared at, a boy and his father go to the river for some quiet time. "It's just a bad speech day," says Dad. But the boy can't stop thinking about all the eyes watching his lips twisting and twirling. When his father points to the river bubbling, churning, whirling and crashing, the boy finds a way to think about how he speaks. Even the river stutters. Like him. "I talk like a river," he says.

An incredibly moving picture book that offers understanding rather than a solution, and which will resonate with all readers, young and old. Masterfully illustrated by Sydney Smith, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal.