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(學校訂單請按這裡。For school orders please check here.)

Delivery Method
紅磡門店自取 Pickup at Hung Hom Store
自提櫃/順豐站自取 Pickup at SF Locker/ Store
購買金額滿 HK$399免運費,HK$399以下統一收取HK$25 運費,運費詳情可以參考這裡
送貨上門 Door-to-Door
香港大部分地區,購買金額滿 HK$599免運費,HK$599 以下統一收取HK$45 運費,運費詳情可以參考這裡


  • 將書放入 Shopping cart 之後,按 Checkout」;

  • 填上正確電郵地址

  • 請於 Delivery Method 選擇 Ship / Pick up
    選擇「 順豐櫃/站自取」或「送貨上門」,請點選「Ship
    選擇「紅磡門店自取」,點選Pick up

  • 如選擇「 順豐櫃/站自取」或「送貨上門」:
    (選擇「 順豐櫃/站自取」收件,請填上正確 SF Code)

    注意:「 順豐櫃/站自取」不包括派送到順豐合作點 (即未能派送 7-11便利店、OK便利店、KE智能櫃、油站、小型連鎖店及個體商店)

  • 選擇付款方式:
    • Credit Card Visa Master
    • QF Pay (包括有 WeChat PayPayMeFPS
    • 或者 PayPal (包括有 AE, Diner, Discover, Visa, Master)
      payment methods 1
  • Complete Order,完成付款。
  • 成功落單後,您會收到一封 Order Confirmation 的電郵。


  • 如果全部是現貨,可於1-3個工作日內寄出圖書。
  • 我們寄出圖書的當天,會電郵您速遞的運單號。
  • 正常寄出後1-3個工作日可以收到圖書。


    如果有 Discount code (優惠碼) 或者 Gift cards (電子書劵), 使用方法可以參考這裡



    You may may follow the steps below to place order directly on buybookbook.com :

    Delivery Method  
    Pick up at Hung Hom Store

    Collect the books in person at our physical store in Hung Hom.

    Pickup at SF Locker/ Store We will offer free SF Locker/ Store delivery (self-pickup) for purchase amount above HK$399; HK$25 will be charged as shipping fee if purchase amount is lower than HK$399. The Shipping Policy can be found here).
    In most area in HK, we offer free shipping for purchase amount above HK$599; HK$45 will be charged as shipping fee if purchase amount is lower than HK$599. The Shipping Policy can be found here).
    • Put the books in the shopping cart and click “Checkout”;
    • Enter your email address
    • Select "Ship" or "Pick up"
      Select “Ship” if you select "Pickup at SF Locker/ Store" or "Door-to-Door Delivery".
      Select “Pick up” if you select "Pick up at Hung Hom Store".

    • Shipping Address:
      Enter delivery details such as name, address, and mobile phone etc.
      (Please enter SF Code if you select "Pickup at SF Locker/ Store")
      # Self-pickup at SF Express Store/ Locker: Excluding Petrol/Gas station, 7-11, Circle K or SF Service Partner Locations.

    • Select Payment method:
      • Credit card (Visa or Master)
      • QF Pay (including WeChat Pay, PayMe and FPS)
      • Or PayPal (including AE, Diner, Discover, Visa, Master)
        payment methods 1
    • Click “Complete order”, and complete payment.
    You will receive a confirmation email if the order is placed successfully. 
    • If all the purchased items are in-stock items, we will have your books dispatched in 1-3 working days. 
    • On the dispatch day, you will receive an email notification containing tracking info. 
    • Normally it will take 1-3 working days for delivery after dispatch.

    If you have special instructions about this order (e.g. official receipt is needed) , you may inform us directly when placing order. 

    If you have discount code or gift cards, you may check here for how to use.

    You can also visit our physical store in Hung Hom, Kowloon to purchase books in person. 

    Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.