Bendy: The Illusion of Living

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By: Adrienne Kress | Age: 12+  | Page: 240 | Hardback | 15.2 x 2.3 x 21.1 cm

Bendy fans will delight in poring over the memoir of his ingenious creator, Joey Drew. From humble beginnings to his meteoric rise as the force behind his eponymous studio, Mr Drew offers a behind the scenes peek at his many animation innovations, such as Sillivision, his 'Rules to Animate By,' and of course his unique approach to franchising – among the first of its time.

This re-release even includes never before seen information omitted from the original manuscript, cobbled together from the Joey Drew Studios archive as well as Mr Drew's personal estate.

Don't miss this exclusive peek inside the rise-and fall of one of the most groundbreaking animators in history!

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