Brooklyn House Magician's Manual- Official Kane Chronicle Companion Book (Hardback) (Rick Riordan)

Hachette US Barcode: 9781484785539


Will not ship until July 31, 2021


Author: Rick Riordan |  Age: 8-13  |  English  |  Page: 192  |  Hardback  |  13.3 x 1.9 x 20.7 cm

Greetings, initiate! Carter Kane, here. Congratulations on reaching Brooklyn House in one piece. This accomplishment signals that you're descended from Ancient Egyptian royalty, and you have magic powers. But what good is power without knowing how to use it? That's where this training manual comes in. Packed with quizzes, stories, and insights about Ancient Egyptian deities, creatures (the friendly and the deadly), the mysterious Duat, and more, this primer will prime those with the blood of the pharaohs to take their first steps down the path of the gods. You'll hear from me, other magicians (including my sister, Sadie), and even a few of the gods themselves. But beware of tricks and surprises: anything can happen in the world of Egyptian magic.

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