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NGK Face to Face with: Sharks

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By: David Doubilet  |  Age: 7-10  |  English  |  Page: 32  |  Paperback  |  25.4 x 0.4 x 25.6 cm

Stunning animal photography accompanies tales of high adventure from National Geographic explorers and photographers in this compelling book about sharks, now available in paperback.

National Geographic photographers and expert scuba divers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes share their vast knowledge and in-the-field experiences of sharks' watery world. Through fascinating first-person accounts, cool images, and fun facts, kids learn about the different varieties of sharks, how they live, and the challenges they face.

Designed for animal lovers and report writers alike, this series offers insight into field of animal study and observation, presents the latest discoveries, and relates stories of exciting encounters (including some close calls!). It's a great way to bring kids face-to-face with animals -- out of the zoo, out of the library, and into the wild.