KLUTZ Make Paper Lantern Animals Toy

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格式 Format: 平裝書 Paperback
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English Age 6 - 12
平裝書 Paperback 32 pages 20.0 x 23.0 cm
Approx. weight: 0.41 kg
Barcode: 9781338037555 Klutz

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By: Barbara Kane | Age: 6-12 | English | Page: 32 + props & Tool | Paperback | 20 x 23 cm | Drawing Series

Klutz Make Paper Lantern Animals lets kids transform paper lanterns into adorable animals. Simply cut out the stencil shapes, glue them in place, and display with pride. It’s the cutest collection of paper lanterns you’ve ever seen.
    • Variety of patterns appeals to a wide range of ages
    • Custom-made plastic frames (instead of wire) make this craft safe for a young child
    • Punch-out paper pieces and illustrated instructions let you recreate the lanterns in the photos or invent your own unique animal
    • Comes with 6 paper lanterns in 6 colors, sheets of pattern paper, stencils, small paper accents, ribbon, glue
    • Includes 32 page instructional book


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