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By: Klutz   |  Age: 8+ |  English  |  Page: 48+ Props and tools  |  Paperback  |  24.1 x 3.2 x 23.5 cm |  Girl Series

A dab here, a dab there, and pretty soon you?ve got amazing art, with one of the easiest art books ever written. Stencil Art provides tips, techniques, tools, and inspiration for creating unlimited art projects. Start with a stencil, squish the foam tip of a dabber into the ink pad, and dab-dab-dab vibrant color right into the book. Mix colors and stencils to make every art project uniquely your own. We include three pages of stencils that make everything from ladybugs to aliens, with a page of abstract stencils that combine to make any shape that you like.

Comes with:

  • 48 page book, 
  • 8-color ink pad, 
  • custom-molded foam-tip dabblers, 
  • black felt-tip pen, 
  • 72 stencil shapes

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