LEGO Ninjago #07 The Green Ninja (Tracey West)

格式 Format: 平裝書 Paperback
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English Age 4 - 7
平裝書 Paperback 32 pages 15.0 x 23.5 cm
Approx. weight: 0.07 kg
Barcode: 9780545607988 Scholastic US

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By: Tracey West | Age: 4-8 | English | Page: 32 | Paperback | 15 x 23.5 cm | Lego Ninjago Series

Masters of Spinjitzu: still a force to save the world!

Lord Garmadon is up to his old tricks. He's using his Mega Weapon to turn back the clock and bring the fossil of an ancient monster back to life. That's when Cole, Jay, Kai, and Zane interrupt him . . . and get turned into kids again! Now the mini-ninja must do whatever it takes to grow up . . . and stop the monster from destroying Ninjago City!


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