Penny Dreadful #01 is a Magnet for Disaster

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By: Joanna Nadin  |  Age: 7+ Years  |  English  |  Page: 144  |  Paperback  |  19.8 x 13 cm

My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'Dreadful' bit is my dad's JOKE. But I do not see the funny side. Plus it is not even true that I am dreadful. It's just that sometimes my BRILLIANT IDEAS don't work out completely brilliantly. Like, I didn't mean for my cousin to end up bald and covered in superglue, and I also didn't mean to steal our neighbour's dog and make him speak Russian... It is not my fault. I can't help it - I'm just a Magnet for Disaster.
Three fantastically funny Penny Dreadful adventures in one fab book! Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2011

Side-splittingly funny.
The Bookseller

The kind of child you might visualise if asked to imagine the result of Horrid Henry and Charlie’s little sister Lola growing up and starting a family together.
Teach Primary

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