Sparkleton #04 - The Weirdest Wish

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Author: Calliope Glass | Illustrator: Hollie Mengert | Age: 6-10  |  English  |  Page: 96 |  Paperback  |  12.95 x 1.02 x 19.56 cm

Sparkleton goes one-on-one with a magic hat for the Winter Carnival in the fourth book of this full-color early chapter book series about a unicorn who will do anything to get wish-granting powers—except his homework.

Everyone is warning Sparkleton not to wear the Pixie Cap. It grants ONE WHOLE WISH but has 843 rules! Sparkleton knows it’s probably a bad idea—but what if it isn’t?

Will the Cap let Sparkleton wish for Shimmer Lake’s most magical, snowy Winter Carnival ever? Or will Sparkleton’s brr-illliant idea turn to slush?

HarperChapters build confident readers one chapter at a time! With short, fast-paced chapters, art on every page, and milestone markers at the end of every chapter, they're the perfect next step for fans of I Can Read!

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