The Accidental Diary of B.U.G. #2 Basically Famous

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格式 Format: 平裝書 Paperback
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English Age 8 - 11 平裝書 Paperback 240 pages 12.9 x 19.8 x 1.5 cm
Publication date: 19 Aug,2021
Barcode: 9780241455470 Penguin UK

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Author: Jen Carney | Age: 8-11 | English

Get ready for the second hilarious diary of unforgettable Billie Upton Green!

OK, things just got INTERESTING.

Not only is Billie's class learning how to P.E.E. in the classroom (seriously - don't ask), they now have some very important contacts in the TV world. Plus Billie's mums are keeping a HUGE secret and Billie is determined to figure it out!

But, Billie isn't going to be distracted, it's time for B.U.G. to make it BIG!

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