The Definitive Visual Guide - Earth (Hardback)

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Author: DK  |  Age: Adult  |  English  |  Page: 528  |  Hardback  |  26.2 x 3.5 x 30.9 cm

Over a million copies sold worldwide

"Some books appeal only to the intellect, but this one is a delight for the senses as well... a classic." (Times Educational Supplement)

Welcome to a planet like no other. Composed of around 4000 minerals and blanketed with vast oceans, the Earth is unique in hosting an abundance of life.

Follow Earth's story as elements collided billions of years ago to form a rocky planet that began to orbit the Sun. Earth reveals the dynamic process that formed mountains, volcanoes, vast rivers, canyons, and more. It showcases features from Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench, as well as natural wonders including the Grand Canyon and Galapagos Islands.

This comprehensive volume explains how simple sea-dwelling organisms evolved into a kaleidoscopic array of eight million species and reveals the dynamic processes that continue to shape continents. It also reveals the effect of human populations on landscapes and climates, and explains how we can all play a part in caring for our fragile ecosystem.

For both geography students and everyone who cares about the planet, Earth is an essential addition to the home library.

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