The Story of the Little Mole -30th anniversary Edition (Paperback)

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By : Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch |  Age: 3-7  |  English  |  Page: 24  |  Paperback: 29.5 x 20.4 cm

Popular among both adults and children, 'The Story of the Little Mole' follows the quest of a mole as he tries to find out who did their business on his head.

'Quite simply the funniest book you are ever likely to read (as long as you are not easily offended that is!). Perfect for children of course, but if you are stuck for gift ideas for the adults in your life you may need to look no further.' Susan Harrison,

'The Story of the Little Mole has been keeping poo obsessed children, and grown-ups, entertained for over a decade. Someone poos on a mole's head and he goes around all the animals seeing whether it comes from them, and learning about their poo in the process. Parents can always pretend it is just of scientific interest.' Ellie Levenson, The Independent


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