Trevor (Hardback)

Emotion & Behaviour
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English Age 4 - 7
精裝書 Hardback 40 pages 21.2 x 1.14 x 26.29 cm
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Barcode: 9781250148285 Macmillan US

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Author: Jim Averbeck | Age: 4-8 | English | Page: 40 | Hardback | 21.18 x 1.14 x 26.29 cm

Trevor is a lonely yellow canary looking for a friend.

He stretches his wings the width of his boring cage and notices the tree outside stretching its branch. And on the end of that branch? Another canary! But he's so shy and quiet.

Trevor knows just how to make him feel comfortable.

This is an elegantly told, truly unique tale by author Jim Averbeck and illustrator Amy Hevron, of a canary who befriends a lemon and finds that you don't have to be two of a kind to form a meaningful and lasting friendship.


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