Colors of Awesome! (Board Book)

Girls & Women
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Author: Eva Chen  |  Illustrator: Derek Desierto  |  Age: 1-3  |  Page: 24  |  English  | Board Book  | 22.9 x 1.5 x 20.3 cm  |  Girl Series

From Kamala Harris' white pantsuit to Judy Garland's ruby slippers to Mamie Johnson's blue baseball uniform, powerful and inspiring women from throughout history have proved that "awesome" comes in all colors!

A Is for Awesome provided an ABC of amazing women from throughout history. 3 2 1 Awesome counted down some of their most amazing accomplishments. Now with their third concept board book original, Colors of Awesome!, the New York Times-bestselling dynamic duo Eva Chen and Derek Desierto pairs groundbreaking feminist icons with all the colors of the rainbow and beyond.

With Desierto's bold and vibrant art, Eva fans and readers of all ages will be transported through history in style.

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