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Usborne My First Phonics Reading Library (20 Books) (QR Code)

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Author: Various  |  Age: 3-6  |  English  |  Page: 24 page x 20 book  |  Paperback  | 21 x 21 cm  |  Books with QR code

Created in consultation with reading experts, this engaging phonics-based series is specially written to help your child learn to read. Not only are the stories great fun, but they also draw on the latest research into really effective ways of teaching reading.

This set contains 20 books with notes for parents and teachers and free online audio.

Titles in the slipcase:

  1. Ape's great escape
  2. Lizard in a blizzard
  3. Spider in a glider
  4. Seal at the wheel
  5. Snail brings the mail
  6. Raccoon on the moon
  7. Bee makes tea
  8. Llamas in pajamas
  9. Goat in a boat
  10. Underpants for ants
  11. Mole in a hole
  12. Kangaroo at the zoo
  13. Bug in a rug
  14. Chimp with a limp
  15. Hyena Ballerina
  16. Giraffe in the bath
  17. Flamingo plays bingo
  18. Croc gets a shock
  19. Crow in the snow
  20. Cow takes a bow