Usborne (正版) Concepts for Beginners Bundle (8 Books)

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Author/ Editor: 

 Eddie Reynolds , Andy Prentice and more | Illustrator: Anna Hardinge, Miguel Bustos , 

 Kellan Stover and more |   Age: 10+ Years  |  English  |  Page: 128 x 8  |  Hardback  |  24 x 17 cm

  |  Usborne Concepts for Beginners

An entertaining and thought-provoking guide to the concepts of Politics, Law, Business, Money, Climate Crisis, Economics and Philosophy.

This bundle contains the following 7 books:

  1. Politics for Beginners
  2. Business for Beginners
  3. Economics for Beginners
  4. Money for Beginners
  5. Philosophy for Beginners
  6. Climate Crisis for Beginners
  7. Law for Beginners
  8. Physics for Beginners

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