Usborne STEAM Bundle for Developing Readers (7 Books)

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Author/ Editor:  Rosie Dickins , Struan ReidAlice JamesEmily Bone, Kirsteen RobsonJerome Martin ,  etc |  Illustrator:  Annie CarboAna SenderPeter Allen ,  etc   |  Age: 6-12  |  English  |  Page: Various  |  Board Book and Papaerback  |  Lift-the-flap | See Inside Series

Titles in this Bundle

  1. See inside Microscopic World
    This book peers through the microscope to reveal TINY unimaginable wonders. Discover bizarre minibeasts and peculiar plants, meet the millions of microbes that live around and inside you, and marvel at miniature technology. The perfect introduction to a fascinating area of science.

  2. See Inside Bridges, Towers and Tunnels
    Lift the flaps to reveal the mechanics and engineering of amazing bridges, towers and tunnels including the Channel Tunnel, the Burj Khalifa, Golden Gate Bridge and more. With detailed illustrations and links to websites to see views from the top of the Shard and CN tower, travel through tunnels and see the enormous machines used to create them.

  3. See Inside Energy
    We all need energy for our lives – and lots of it. Find out what energy is, how it affects our planet and the exciting new inventions scientists are creating to make energy in the future, in this fascinating introduction to an important topic. With over 65 flaps to lift and links to specially selected websites to find out more.

  4. See Inside Evolution
    Where did life come from? Why do animals look the way they do? How did it all happen? Find out about the incredible story of evolution, from the very first life to the amazing variety of plants and animals on Earth today. With lots of flaps to lift and a gentle, narrative style.

  5. Lift-The-Flap Construction and Demolition
    This visually exciting lift-the-flap book charts the rise of an urban skyscraper, covering every stage of its construction - from safely demolishing its predecessor to hanging glass walls forty storeys up. With over 70 flaps to lift, revealing modern construction methods and showing how different tools and vehicles are used.

  6. Lift-The-Flap Engineering
    Engineering helps shape the world around us, from the houses and cities we live in, to the way we travel, and even the sound of the music we listen to. Lift the flaps in this fascinating book to discover how engineering works and the many things engineers do. Includes internet links to find out more. Published for the 2018 Year of Engineering.

  7. Complete book of the Microscope
    A fabulous and revealing introduction to the secrets of the microscopic world. Features amazing photos of what can be discovered through a microscope, from atoms to algae and dust to DNA. With over 20 step-by-step microscope activities including preparing slides and observing everyday objects, insects and even your own cheek cells. Includes practical information on buying, using and taking care of a microscope. With internet-links to websites with more amazing photos, projects and activities.

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