Alex Rider Missions 1-10 MP3 CD Collection (10 MP3 CDs)

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By: Anthony Horowitz  |  Age: 11+  |  English  |  MP3 CD x 10  |  Approx. 78 hours Unabridged

The Alex Rider books are packed with action and adventure and this audiobook collection contains the 14-year-old spy's first 10 missions.

After being forcibly recruited into the deadly world of espionage following the death of his uncle in a car crash, Alex finds himself in ever-present mortal danger...

Told at breakneck pace, these are awesome stories that will inspire children to pick up similar books.

Please note this collection contains CDs that can only be played on MP3-accessible CD players, computers and laptops. The majority of post-2001 car model stereos are MP3 CD accessible. Please check your CD player is MP3 accessible before placing an order. Import into iTunes or any other media player, then transfer to your MP3 device or player. Suitable for smartphones, iPads and tablets

CDs in this collection:
  1. Stormbreaker,
  2. Point Blanc,
  3. Skeleton Key,
  4. Eagle Strike,
  5. Scorpia,
  6. Ark Angel,
  7. Snakehead,
  8. Crocodile Tears,
  9. Scorpia Rising, and
  10. Russian Roulette.

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