Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo

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English Age 3 - 7
精裝書 Hardback 48 pages 17.3 x 1.0 x 23.6 cm
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Barcode: 9780394831305 PRHUS

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By: Rosetta Stone | Illustrator: Michael Frith | Age: 3-7 Years | English | Page: 48 | Hardback | 17.3 x 1 x 23.6 cm

Follow along as one sneeze turns a town upside down!

Just one "KA-CHOO" causes a whole chain of hilarity, from a splashing turtle to a wet hen, to a flying policeman, a sinking boat, and just about everyone crashing a circus parade! Readers young and old will be entertainedby this silly story. So turn the page and find out what could possibly happen next!

Originally created by Dr. Seuss himself, Beginner Books are fun, funny, and easy to read. These unjacketed hardcover early readers encourage children to read all on their own, using simple words and illustrations. Smaller than the classic large format Seuss picture books like The Lorax and Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, these portable packages are perfect for practicing readers ages 3-7, and lucky parents too!

“Pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss.” –President Barack Obama


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