Hector the Collector (Hardback)

Emotion & Behaviour
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English Age 3 - 6
精裝書 Hardback 40 pages 22.53 x 0.91 x 28.7 cm
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Barcode: 9781626722965 Macmillan US

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By: Emily Beeny | Illustrator: Stephanie Graegin | Age: 3-6 Years | English | Page: 40 | Hardback | 22.53 x 0.91 x 28.7 cm

One day Hector comes across an acorn and discovers a passion for collecting them in all shapes and sizes. When his teacher finds his desk filled with acorns, his classmates make fun of poor Hector. But they soon learn that collections are all special, whether they're coins, stuffed animals, songs, or seashells, and that some collections are meant to be shared, like the paintings in an art museum or books at a public library. Most importantly, they learn that collections are just like us: They were all different, they were all the same, and they were all beautiful.


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