Homes in the Wild (Hardback)

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By: Lita Judge  |   Illustrator: Lita Judge  |  Age: 4 - 8 Years  |  English  |  Page: 48 |  Hardback |  26.42 x 1.14 x 26.42 cm

As informative as it is lovely, Homes in the Wild is an adorable nonfiction picture book from author/illustrator Lita Judge that shows that wild creatures--from beavers to bobcats, and sloths to squirrels--aren't so different from us after all.

Just like us, every baby animal has a home. Some live in complex burrows deep underground, others in simple nests high in the treetops. But all homes, regardless of where they are or how they're built, serve the same purpose: providing shelter where a baby can eat, sleep, learn, and stay safe while growing up.

Animal lovers will delight in this gorgeously illustrated peek inside the homes--from burrows deep underground to nests high in the trees--where baby animals live and grow.

A 2020 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12

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