If Elephants Disappeared (Hardback)

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By: Lily Williams  |  Age: 4-8 |  English  |  Page: 40  |  Hardback  |  28.45 x 1.04 x 22.12 cm

Find out in this accessible and lushly illustrated nonfiction picture book that imagines the consequences of a world without elephants. The Congolese forest is home to many types of animals. Some are strong. Some are slippery. Some are loud. And some, like the elephant, are BIG. The elephant has become synonymous with the image of African wildlife. They can grow over ten feet tall and eat up to 300 pounds a day. While these giants are beloved figures in movies and zoos, they also play a large role in keeping the forest ecosystem healthy. Unfortunately, poachers are hunting elephants rapidly to extinction for their ivory tusks, and that could be catastrophic to the world as we know it.

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