Klutz Friendship Bracelets

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By: Klutz | Age: 8+ |  English  |  Page: 60 + props & Tool  |  Paperback  |  24.1 x 2.2 x 21.6 cm  |  Girl Series

Show your friends a little love with handmade friendship bracelets. Friendship Bracelets is a kids bracelet kit that includes everything you need?10 bright colors of floss, instructions, even a work surface?to design and string 10 different woven bracelets. They look incredibly complex but they're strikingly simple, and simply striking. No loom necessary: if you can tie a knot, you can make an armful of bracelets to wear and share.

Comes with:

  • 60 page book, 
  • 10 skeins of embroidery floss, 
  • 24 beads, 
  • plastic Klutz clip

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