Lies We Tell Ourselves

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English Age Adult - Adult
平裝書 Paperback 384 pages 12.9 x 2.44 x 19.81 cm
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Barcode: 9781848452923 Harpercollins (UK)

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Author: Robin Talley | Age: Adult | English | Page: 384 | Paperback | 12.9 x 2.44 x 19.81 cm

Lie #1: I'm not afraid
Lie # 2:I'm sure I'm doing the right thing

Lie # 3: I don't care what they think of me

It s 1959. The battle for civil rights is raging. And it s Sarah s first day of school as one of the first black students at previously all-white Jefferson High.
No one wants Sarah there. Not the Governor. Not the teachers. And certainly not the students especially Linda, daughter of the town s most ardent segregationist.
Sarah and Linda are supposed to despise each other. But the more time they spend together, the less their differences matter. And both girls start to feel something they ve never felt before. Something they re determined to ignore.

Because it s one thing to stand up to an unjust world but another to be terrified of what s in your own heart.


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