Masters of War

A Visual History of Military Personnel from Commanders to Frontline Fighters

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English Age Adult - Adult
精裝書 Hardback 360 pages 26.0 x 30.8 x 3.0 cm
Approx. weight: 2.2 kg
Publication date: 21 Oct,2021
Barcode: 9780241529751 DK UK

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Author: DK | Age: Adult | English

Who were the men and women behind history's most fascinating and famous wars? This military history book reveals it all.

Packed with profiles of influential leaders, famous wars and information on weapons and clothing, this military book captivates the imagination of military buffs young and old.

Explore war throughout history. The pages of this intriguing military biography look at the leaders of past wars, who they were and what made them great. It includes:

- In-depth profiles of key military personnel with a portrait, timeline of achievements, and key artefacts
- Items associated with a soldier, battle, or army - such as uniforms, personal effects, armour and weapons, and medals - all represented in photographic catalogues
- Striking double-page paintings and photographs presented to showcase key battles
- Detailed photography of weapons and clothing, archive images and clear text

The guide to military history features more than 100 key war generals and military leaders from Alexander the Great and Charlemagne Ghenghis Khan to Ulysses Grant and Winston Churchill. Masters of War takes you on a journey through military history and the people behind the battles - starting in ancient Egypt through to the middle ages and featuring modern wars like World War I and II, Vietnam War, and conflicts in the Middle East.

Biographies reveal the details of each leader's life and achievements, while paintings, photographs, and artefacts bring their stories to life. The visual military guide also features the uniforms and equipment of soldiers throughout history. Each object is accompanied by a short description of its importance, from the swords and spears of early warfare to the guns and uniforms of the modern era.


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