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Age: 9+  |  English  |  Page: 160  |  Hardback  |  28.3cm x 22.1 cm  |  Encyclopedia Series

Explore fascinating robotic technology through the ages, from the earliest automatons to modern humanoid helpers.

From automata created by Leonardo Da Vinci to modern-day androids and animal robots, this book covers artificial intelligence (AI) throughout history. Discover the latest at the cutting edge of robotics, where science, technology, mechanical engineering, and computing meet as The Robot Book explains how robots work, how they are made, and how they help and sometimes hinder in modern society.

This kids' robot book showcases the latest and greatest innovations in AI through bright graphics and stunning photography. Tech panels present fascinating facts about each robot's design, production, and capability. A thematic approach covers a range of subjects, including the most iconic robots in popular culture and robots in the workforce. The final chapter covers the future of robotics, and the opportunities and pitfalls of using robots more and more in our everyday life.

Young readers will be riveted by the vibrant graphics, zesty colors, and mend-bending array of information that The Robot Book provides.

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