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Ultimate LEGO Star Wars

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Age: 6-12  |  English  |  Page: 320  |  Hardback  |  31cm x 26 cm

*Minor Scratches on the hardcover*
Explore every brick of the LEGO Star Wars universe with this essential hardback encyclopedia. It features the characters, creatures, locations, vehicles and equipment from the bestselling range inspired by the sci-fi saga.

From the Jedi to the Rebels, Droids and Sith, it's a brilliant introduction to all the characters children see on screen and play with. There are also incredible facts and photographs of LEGO Star Wars vehicles and equipment including the various versions of Millennium Falcon. It even covers the most recent model of Han Solo's iconic spaceship - the largest (and most expensive) LEGO set ever sold to the public!

You'll get to learn all about Minifigures including Yoda, Darth Maul and Rey. This is perfect for children who love LEGO and Star Wars!