Usborne My First Drumming Book

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English Age 3 - 4
玩具遊戲 Toy & Game 22 pages 34.7 x 16.0 cm
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Barcode: 9781474932363 Usborne

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Author/ Editor: Sam Taplin | Illustrator: Luke Seguin-Magee | Age: 3 Years+ | English | Page: 22 | Hardback | 34.7 x 16 cm | Sound Book | Musical Instrument Series

Children can discover the fun of playing the drums by pressing the buttons in this unique book. There are five different drum sounds including snare, bass and floor-tom, and a selection of tunes to play along with. Drummers can make up their own rhythms or play along to reggae, blues, funk or pop, and learn about rhythm and beat as they play. There's an online demo at Usborne Quicklinks showing how to play along to the tunes, too.


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