Vincent Comes Home (Hardback)

Emotion & Behaviour
School & Growing up

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English Age 4 - 7
Barcode: 9781626727809 Macmillan US

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Author: Jessixa Bagley | Age: 4-6 | English | Page: 32 | Hardback | 28.83 x 1.17 x 22.58 cm

Vincent lives on a cargo ship. His paws have never touched land. He spends his days chasing seagulls and eating fresh fish, and at night he stares at the stars that chart his ship's course. The cargo ship makes stops all over the world but it never stops at "home." What is "home?" Vincent wonders. As the ship makes one final stop, Vincent takes his first steps on land and follows a crew member to his home. Alone for the first time, Vincent wanders the city until he discovers the most important thing: Home is where the people you love are.

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