Ballet for Martha - Making Appalachian Spring

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English Age 6 - 10
精裝書 Hardback 48 pages 26.06 x 0.97 x 27.64 cm
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Barcode: 9781596433380 Macmillan US

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By: Jan Greenberg | Age: 6-10 | English | Page: 48 | Hardcover | 26.06 x 0.97 x 27.64 cm

A picture book about the making of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, her most famous dance performance

Martha Graham: trailblazing choreographer

Aaron Copland: distinguished American composer

Isamu Noguchi: artist, sculptor, craftsman

Award-winning authors Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan tell the story behind the scenes of the collaboration that created APPALACHIAN SPRING, from its inception through the score's composition to Martha's intense rehearsal process. The authors' collaborator is two-time Sibert Honor winner Brian Floca, whose vivid watercolors bring both the process and the performance to life.


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