The Brain Book - An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Functions, and Disorders (Hardback)

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Author: Rita Carter  |  Age: Adult  |  English  |  Page: 264  |  Hardback  |  22.1 x 3.8 x 26.2 cm

This award-winning science book uses the latest findings from neuroscience research and brain-imaging technology to take you on a journey into the human brain.

CGI artworks and brain MRI scans reveal the brain's anatomy in unprecedented detail. Step-by-step sequences unravel and simplify the complex processes of brain function, such as how nerves transmit signals, how memories are laid down and recalled, and how we register emotions. The book answers fundamental and compelling questions about the brain: what does it means to be conscious, what happens when we're asleep,and are the brains of men and women different?

Written by award-winning author Rita Carter, this is an accessible and authoritative reference book to a fascinating part of the human body. Thanks to improvements in scanning technology, our understanding of the brain is changing fast. Now in its third edition, the Brain Book provides an up-to-date guide to one of science's most exciting frontiers. With its coverage of over 50 brain-related diseases and disorders - from strokes to brain tumours and schizophrenia - it is also an essential manual for students and healthcare professionals.

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